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Huntsman Beard Co.

Huntsman Beard Co. are the #1 best seller of beard related products on Amazon. We were asked to undertake a number of tasks including outdoor photography and indoor studio work for a few of their latest products. This took us from our in-house studio, to the other side of the world..

From the Client

Our business requires a range of different types of product photography: white background, lifestyle shots and nature shots. Tom and the team are able to cater to our specific needs and deliver high quality work on time, without fail. There hasn't been one time that Tom has turned down work, even if it is a quirky idea! When I look for a company, be it graphic design, printing, packaging or photography I'm always looking to find somebody who covers the whole lot. I don't mean trying to find a one stop shop for everything in every vertical; I mean somebody, or a team of people, who really know their craft. As I mentioned above, the team covers all aspects of photography. They also can do post-processing (which is really a must after any shoot!). Bad Wolf also provide Videography, which we are seriously considering in trying out some time soon. I've worked with a fair few companies over the years and I don't rave about them unless I truly think they're talented. Contact Tom.. you won't regret it.

- Luke Baldacchino, Founder at Huntsman Beard Co.
Images Captured in Devon and Cornwall, UK.



Huntsman Beard Co. approached Bad Wolf Editing, as they wanted to take advantage of our access to beautiful Cornish scenery. They have a variety of products, the first of which being called "Forest". Surprisingly enough, they asked us to take pictures of "Forest" in a forest, so we headed out into the wilderness to see what we could come up with. Huntsman were thrilled with the results and asked us to take photographs of another two, super secret blends that are yet to be released. Watch this space!


Studio Photography
Images captured in our in-house photography studio, Cornwall.



Huntsman Beard Co. were impressed with the efficiency and quality of the work we produced for their "Forest" blend, so they asked for some studio work - something that we can easily cater for with our in house photography studio. Since then, we have completed product photography for 5 of their combs and brushes. Simply search for the word "beard" on Amazon and you will find Bad Wolf Editing's photos at the top.

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