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Direct 4X4

Direct 4x4 are based in Derby in the Midlands. Using a Land Rover Defender as our company vehicle, we set out to create a short film and a collection of photographs, for on one of their most popular products - an expedition roof tent. We wanted capture the get-up-and-go nature of this product and we are thrilled with the result. 

From the Client

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Promotional Video
Filmed in Cornwall, UK.


Direct 4x4 asked us to produce a short promotional film, along with a set of outdoor photographs, to showcase one of their most popular products - an expedition roof tent. The video was shot over a number of weeks, due to the bad weather and constant setbacks, but there were four main days to the shoot. Aerial cinematography, location one, location two and the featured time lapse. The time lapse took over two and a half hours to complete and it was incredibly windy, but the roof tent remained strong. As we did not want our shadows to be silhouetted in the tent, we had to set up a small ground tent nearby and wait it out - pot noodle in hand, huddling together for warmth. Overall we had a great time producing this film for the guys over at Direct 4x4 and I would highly recommend the roof tent to anyone! Land Rover Defender sold separately. 

Images captured in Cornwall and Somerset, UK.


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